Wednesday, March 10, 2021

My 2021 Wardrobe Post - Main Pieces

The beginning of the year is when you can expect to see lolitas sharing pictures and videos of their wardrobes. I started to take pictures back in December and thought I could finish quickly but my job and other priorities said otherwise. Although it's a little late, here is the first half of my 2021 wardrobe post!

I mostly wear sweet and the majority of my dresses are from Angelic Pretty. I also have a couple gothic, classic, and old school dresses from other brands.

This post will be picture heavy and will focus on main pieces which includes jumperskirts, one pieces, skirts, and ouji items. I'll make a second post dedicated for blouses, outerwear, accessories, and everything else.

Sugary Carnival - MTO and 2nd Release Color Comparison

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